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Sunday, June 05, 2005


So what does one hand clapping sound like in the middle of the woods, if there is no one there to hear it?

And I quote: "It sounds like something for me to POOP on!!"
-Triumpth the Insult Comic Dog

But yes, I've been wondering, what is the value of "good"? Is this a culturally relative thing that each society defines? Or is this a personal opinion and judgement? What is the value of doing something good, if no one else notices it? I mean either people recognize it as good, or they don't. Sometimes I feel like what I do at times has no value to anyone else because I see its value down the road, and no one else recognizes that "down the road" it will be worthy. Like when I wrecked the Podge (Peter+Dodge=Podge)... my parents were mad at me, but then when they realized that I just made them money from the insurance company (there was no way in hell we could have sold it for what they paid us), they were actually somewhat pleased, especially since the car was still very drivable. I'm not saying I did that on purpose or anything, but it's an example of something having value at the time of occurance, but no one really knowing it until much later.

This all comes up because I had a stoned discussion the other day about it. My friend and I were just talking about how sometimes we feel like no one understands us, or why we do things (which was probably a lot of the weed talking), and it stemmed from the general topic of my last post, the whole hip hop documentary thing. I'll let him blog his own thoughts and ramblings, but mine were somewhat based upon the fact that more than half the people I tell about this wonder why I would 1) be willing to do this kind of stuff for free, and 2) do it for free while at the same time put myself in dangers way on occasion (I've already seen a few guns in my filming adventures). Valid questions. Not that I'm trying to piss off any thugs or anything, on the contrary, so far, they've seen me as somewhat as a catalyst to their efforts in the hip hop industry. So if anything they are on my side, or rather, I'm on their side. Actually, that right there kind of touches on this whole question at hand...

So, for all these artists that I plan to work with, they see my efforts as a means for their success, and no doubt that is indeed the case. So friends of mine ask why I would do this for free when they are the only ones benefitting from it? And this is what confuses them: I tell them that I do it because I want those artists to succeed. Huh? I work for free so someone else can succeed? Am I a moron? Well, to be blunt, this is my reasoning... I'm fed up with Seattle being on the hip hop map because of Sir Mix-A-Lot, and basically only because of him. There are a few other guys who have made a ripple, but never a wave. I go to shows here on occasion and see what Seattle has to offer in the underground scene here, and it's good. It's varied, and everyone has their biases, but the talent exists and doesn't get recognized like it should. A lot of these cats do what it takes to get the respect in the industry, but because they live in Seattle they never see that respect actually shown to their music. I want to change that. I want Seattle to be on the hip hop map in a major way. Maybe I won't see any money for it, if I play any kind of part in it in the first place, but I don't care. Just changing the way Seattle hip hop artists are treated and respected in this country would be enough for me. Not to mention that it only takes one of those artists to remember my efforts and give me my due respect for what I did for them. And anyone that knows me knows that I care a lot about respect. You give it, you get it, and without it you can't do shit. Whatever you can do without it doesn't mean shit though, because no one else cares that you've done anything. Blah blah blah (that 'respect' topic will come in another post, some day...). But in a way, since hip hop is one of my musical passions, in a analytical/observer kind of way, I kind of see this whole thing as my community service. My mom does her "community service" by way of her temple, and this whole project to bring a hindu nun to this country... it's her passion, it will benefit many others, and she does it for the love of what will come in the future. And that's basically why I'm doing this. Oh yeah, and guns don't bother me, so long as they aren't pointed at me; they can flash their guns all day for all I care.

Anyway, this local underground hip hop documentary thing is in the works, and it's gonna happen. My other two group partners from the original project are locked in to do this to the end, and we have a goal of a finished, professional/semi-professional quality documentary that we can give to PBS or KCTS to show in the Seattle area, at a minimum. And seeing as the first project was heavily weighted towards being anti-93.3 KUBE, I would expect the same from the project at large... and I would LOVE to give KUBE a copy to watch and think about. If they alone changed for the better, and started supporting the local artists, I would feel like I had succeeded.

Anyway, I guess this is my one handed clap, and for a lot of people it seems like there is no sound... but the way I see it, this could make a huge noise, just maybe it's on another frequency that not everyone can perceive... yet.


Blogger Milkshake said...

please, check out the blog war on my blog. Also, I took Aaron and Jess to Amoeba today and it blew thier fragile little minds, tee-hee. Also, listen to Louis XIV.

6/20/2005 8:49 PM

Blogger Thaozee said...

Wow, nice. Congrats on the offer (from the artists). That 'spotlight' on local hip hop artists sounds fucken awesome. Australia just went through a hip hop boom, and a lot of great aussie acts are getting recognition. They have a very distinct 'aussie' sound (which I love). You might want to listen to some 'Hilltop Hoods', 'Muph and Plutonic' and 'Bias B' (3 of my faves) if your interested in some aussie rap.

6/21/2005 4:24 AM

Blogger P2thaSmitty said...

Thanks for the info! I'm already pretty big into UK hip hop too, so Aussie hip hop isn't too far off, and I love checkin out new stuff. It kinda sucks that I might be leaving for Australia just when stuff like this gets going, but then it would be nice if I had the opportunity to continue work like this over there too. Anyway, I appreciate the comment and the info, and stop by again sometime... I'm tryin to get more goin on over here (in regards to my own posting).

6/21/2005 6:16 PM

Blogger Thaozee said...

I would love to see a spotlight/doco on aussie hip hop artists. Maybe you could do something similiar over here. houses most of the big hip hop players responsilbe for the resurgence. btw, what part of Australia are you going too?

6/22/2005 1:38 AM

Blogger P2thaSmitty said...

Depends on where I get accepted to, if I get accepted anywhere at all. My first choice in the University of Wollongong, because they offer what I want, and they aren't a top school over there, so I won't have as much competition as, say, the University of Sydney. Plus Wollongong looks like a little piece of paradise! But I'm definitely gonna try to stay in the Southeastern area of Australia, possibly going as far north as Bond University in Gold Coast or around the Brisbane area. Are there any real hip hop hubs/cities I should keep an eye out for, or is it more spread out?

6/22/2005 2:21 AM


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