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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dum da dum dum DUMB!!!

Yeah, so this too was from the MySpace Taoism group message board (we get into some fun topics and discussions at time).

The REAL Topic: well, for a background, an obvious Christian started the thread by posting a bunch of apocalyptic/millenial quotes from the Bible... and finsihed off with:
"These signs are our evidence worldwide, and are increasing both in frequency and intensity.


So you can imagine the flurry of responses from this board... within the discussion we hit some other topics. The first I commented on was about AI and machines/computers having souls... I posted in response to this: "I disagree that machines don't have souls; I think [some other guy's] definition of a soul is too human. To me soul is the everlasting conscious, and I think all matter to be a part of it, ergo machines have the same soul as everything else."

Here's my response, and please, do discuss if you have anything to comment about:

But your argument has a flaw, AI is a human construct, and an attempt at making a machine as human as possible. But you can't make a machine into a human, or you no longer have a machine. AI has the limits set by the human condition and our lack of knowledge of ourselves and the honest workings of our brain. Our brain is way too complex for us to ever be able to duplicate it without the use of biological matter and cells, in which case we are moving towards actually being a human and not an artificial machine.

SO! This soul you speak of will die with the human race when it dies (and this isn't a matter of "if", but when, and how, which are totally different topics), because the soul, like everything we percieve, is a human construct. We can imagine a time when we can teach chimps to think and reason like us, and maybe we can teach them about what a soul is, but then they will have their own interpretation of the information we provide, and will see things in a chimps way, not a humans way, and therefore we can't really expect them to even know what we know a soul to be (and the soul itself is a personal opinion as to what it is). Actually, on that note, because there is not one single definition of the soul that everyone can/will agree on, it's more proof that the soul is a human construct, or simply an assumption or belief, but not a cold hard fact that can be shown and proven and explained so that no one doubts its existence and manner/medium of existence. As such the human soul will die with the species and the language that has created and cared for it (in case there is an evolution of the species that maintains the language and knowledge base). Ok, I'm getting too far into this...


Now, the next post on this blog is the next topic we covered, which is more along the lines of apocalyptic thought...


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