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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Topic #2.... China and our future...

The follow up to the last post is the second topic covered... for the background read the last post below. So, in the midst of another person's post was this: "With so much industrialization of third world countries and values being lost, sin overwhelming, and people do horrible things I think by 2012 our world will be in a great unbalance to good. With the imperialism of the U.S. degrading countries where honor and respect were highest of the land these days have been replaced by greed, pride, and hate."

The mention of 2012 is a reference to the end of the Matan Calendar, part of the backbone of a lot of the discussion in that whole thread - the "end" is coming, or is it? So in response to that I wrote this below... and again, I rambled... and please, of course, comment:

You touch upon an interesting point, but I wanna veer off a little. There's the Mayan calendar and also the Hopi Indian [prophecy] both ending about that time, along with other such predictions and whatnot, and I don't see an end of the human species or anything like that. But in relation to what you said, I think there will be a big political power change in the world, the wheels of which are theoretically already set in motion. The change I believe will come will be the downfall of the Western powers, and the rise of the Eastern powers, namely China. Their economic situation is giving rise to the purchases of US entities in many areas: computers, oil, metal, etc... all the things needed to be self sufficient as a world superpower, and they are buying these things at an exponential rate (by year) because of the inflated value of their money against the rest of the world. It's completely feasible that in 6-7 years China will surpass every other country in monetary and political power in the world. What comes with such a change is a change in the dominating world views. Right now the Western view dominates, which is very different from most Eastern views, and in some ways could be considered a catostrophic change to this world, albeit one I, personally, would/will not fear. Afterall Taoism is from Chinese thought. This 'War on the World' that Bush has started is doing a few things to help this future change by weakening US ally support and at the same time depleting US funds and therefore monetary power. In other words the US is losing its bargaining power with the rest of the world. England is a joke as a world power, and they will crumble under the US, along with some other countries that are directly tied into socio-cultural and moetary ties with the heads of this Western culture and society. And yes, this is the "end of the world" for Christianity, but not for everything else. Sinners repent? How about go learn chinese and prepair for a re-education. And this is not like the US will die, and everyone will move to China, and the English language will cease to exist, or anything like that, it's just a major switch of cultural power, and with it I believe a lot of change on the emphasis on the dominating thoughts and ways of thinking. Why did the calendar end? They didn't know what China was, or "the West" for that matter, so it would be like looking into a crystal ball and seeing fog, albeit fog that was diluted with lightning and "torment". In a way, I can't wait for the day when Christians must actually learn what fear is... the fear of being treated like a true minority.


So an odd follow up to this is that, while I arrived at this little "apocalyptic" conclusion to our future in like October or November, I've never heard anyone else really say the same thing, or relay the same message... until today. Today was my first class of summer quarter in my Modern China class, and the professor basically said the same prediction for the same general reasons, but he gave a time frame of it happening in 10-15 years, and he never mentioned the Mayan Calendar or Hopi Prophecy. I'll tell ya, that was a trip to hear him say all that on the first day of class, especially since I only posted that thing above the night before! The only other time I've put that whole prediction into printed words was on the Yahoo! Mariners message board in like November. Yeah, that was weird... Anyway, please comment if you feel the need...


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