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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Topic #3.... Thinking Fungus?

Yup, so read the last couple posts to get the background to this topic separation. So, in the aforementioned thread, this third (and final, for my comments) topic came about: those smart little fungi! For this I'm going to do a little he-said/she-said to keep everything in context, so it might get a little long... but please enjoy and continue the discussion! Oh yeah, and this sprouted from the AI topic (couple posts below):

Me: And in response to the "fungus thinking" idea, you have to agree upon the definition of thought, which includes the medium(s) throught which thought exists, as well as the manner through which thought is conducted.

Leadfoot: Mushrooms deffinitely think. Their mycellial bodies are filled with neurotransmitters, and their bodies extend for miles beneath the soil. Even if you assume (wrongly in my mind, but let's play with this) that one mushroom cell has so much more to do than just think, and so is not a very effective neuron, with some 100x the mass and density of interconnections of cells than the human brain, that still adds up to quite a high intelligence.
Now, this would not be intelligence like yours and mine, being based on psilocybin (those who have taken mushrooms in their time may have some inkling of the differences between serotonin and psilocybin). But intelligence it is.

Me: That a mushroom and/or fungus has a sensory/perception system is one thing, but to think is another. Again, you have to define what a thought is, and to most a thought must have content. If you would like to delve into exactly what kind of content a fungus would transmit as a thought, I'd love to hear it, seeing as they have no verbal language to organize thoughts with, and therefore no medium by which to communicate between seperate bodies and share "content" and knowledge. I can bend a little and accept that maybe one mushroom can feel the physical conditions of another mushroom, but that they discuss the meaning of life I'll have to disagree with. So I really have a hard time accepting them having "intelligence", because even if they had/have a memory to base experience and therefore knowledge on, they have a very very limited range of experiences to diversify their "thoughts" with. And I've taken mushrooms many many times, so I know what you are trying to refer to, but I don't buy it.

SIDE TOPIC on mushrooms, in case anyone wants to discuss this too:

Leadfoot: Also an interesting fact: Mushroom spores, carried by the winds of a storm, can reach up to and out of the earth's atmosphere. And the spores (the mushroom's "seeds") can survive a trip through near vacuum and radiation of 500x the levels of the Van Alen belt and still land back on Earth and germinate.
Now, if they can do this, what's stopping these spores from reaching other planets? I say they're already heading out from Earth. Someday they might find a suitable home, hunker down, and give a whole different species of intelligent life something to trip on. Wouldn't it be funny to meet an alien species, and immediately have them offer you a mushroom?
I think it'd be funny, anyhow.

Me: And you're right, the mushroom spore is really an amazing thing. No argument there. Although it isn't a likely scenerio that a spore would successfully travel to another planet that could actually support its life. God knows they can be very finnicky fruits as is, that are pretty picky about where and how they grow.


So please continue the discussion(s)!


Blogger Pray for Mojo said...

What up buddy. You're getting pretty deep there. Sounds like you got your shit going and a plan together. I'm gonna see you on the 2nd in Sea-town. Till then, bro.

6/23/2005 4:56 PM

Blogger Chaz said...

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6/24/2005 10:03 AM

Blogger Milkshake said...

Damn, that Chaz--persistant, no?
Quick note about the mushroom thing--Read Half Asleep in Frog's Pajamas, by Tom Robbins. Tee-hee.

6/29/2005 12:20 AM

Blogger P2thaSmitty said...

Sounds like my last mushroom trip... except I was half asleep in my birthday suit... I hate it when that happens... trip until like 6 in the morning, then try to go to bed but its too light out and your brain just doesn't want to let you sleep, even though you're honestly tirted and your eyes burn... oh well, its worth it.

6/29/2005 7:24 PM

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