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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What does a future hold...?

So it's been a helllll of a long time since I've posted on here, and for anyone who cares, you have my apologies. One reason was an overload of school work at the end of summer quarter, the other was the perfectly timed "crash" of my computer a week before finals. While the "crash" was a mystery in many ways, it turned out to be a faulty power source, which annoys me, seeing as I tested the computer with another power source with no luck (my fault? Or was that power source bad too...?). Alas, I have a new (better) power source (bumpin' 580 watts), and in the meantime I've made a few other upgrades here and there... now this bitch isn't just nice and fast, now she's a beast! (If curiosity has you, ask and I'll gladly tell. Let's start and just say that I have a total of 13 fans throughout this machine.)

Now back to the topic at hand.

So I seem to be in that period of my life where the future is still taking shape... ring a bell to anyone out there? You're not a teenager, you're at the end of the so-called "pre-adulthood", theoretically entering a more stable adulthood. That means less transitions in your job and career, less moving around, maybe settling down into the family life, etc... So my question is, when does that start??

Well, oddly enough I kind of think it might be around the corner, or maybe the next corner, which is weird for me to think of. First off, Fall quarter, right here, is my last to finish my bachelor's degree (finally!!!). Granted I'm planning on a master's degree in something in the future, and this is maybe that "other" corner. It's widely known news that I've been tossing around the idea of a move to Australia to get my master's degree, but I haven't spoken much about the possibility of a permanent move there... yes, permanent. To be honest, Australia has been growing on me, and the United States has been rotting in my mind. I guess it's part of trying to find the best possible future, and I see this country going down the shit-hole. Blame it on whoever or whatever pleases you, and I have my people to blame, but the future over here isn't exactly bright; not horrible, but it could/should be better elsewhere. Australia on the other hand, well, Australia is the english-speaking Switzerland... they don't get into anyone's business, and really, no one wants to mess with them; there's no need. They can be everyone's friend, which to me sounds great! I once wrote about Switzerland being somewhat of a Taoist country in terms of its international politics and world involvement, and seeing as they speak english in Australia, then they'll have to do, mate. Anyway, long story short, I plan to take classes at the University of Wollongong starting Feb. '07, and hope to move there at the end of next summer. Oh yeah, Wollongong is the 9th largest city in Australia (pop. about 390,000), on the coast (looks kinda like Hawaii), an hour south of Sydney, has a poppin' night life, and a very diverse and cultured community, AND it's cheap to live there... can you say paradise...?

As for the whole job/career thing, I'm not making any plans on that until I've finished my masters, and in the meantime I'm hoping to try and get a video production certification from UW (only takes two quarters). Still, who knows how those "career" cards will fall...

As for the love life, well, I hate to be one to jump the gun with all that stuff, but I recently started dating this girl Kali (think Cali/California... but don't call her California. Just a warning), and I honestly see this one going for a while. Yes, that means she might be joining me in a move to Australia, if/when the time comes. She too is tired of this country, and oddly enough shares interests (with me) in China and Australia (and I'm working on India too). She's 23, has her master's in psychology (she's a speech-language therapist), and has impressed me every time I've been around her... I haven't one complaint about her, and don't foresee many either (except that she's an Aries, so she too is strong minded and "should" be stubborn like me... we'll see how the ram and bull butt heads in the future). Anyway, this is only a couple weeks in the making, but I'd be lying if I said this doesn't have a lot of potential. Oh yeah, she's only like the third or fourth girl my mom has honestly liked, which doesn't hurt either. So we'll just wait and see where this goes.

So with all of that taken into consideration, when do I get to graduate into being an adult, and not just some 20-something-"pre-adult"?? I'm guessing 2-3 years until I'm more or less "settled", so should we say 2-5 years until I'm officially a stable adult?? Haha, yes, I AM Peter Pan...


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