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Friday, October 06, 2006

Almost a Year...

... since my last blog on here. Honestly, I didn't think I would write anything else on here ever again, but something inspired me about two minutes ago. Actually, nothing specifically inspired me, but I clicked on my link for Blogger in my Favorites, and though "oh hell, why not". But there's been a lot going on in my life recently, so my mind's been churning a lot lately.

Most recently my grandpa passed away, and those who know me know I was very close to him. I've been helping take care of him at my parents (and my) home for the last three years, so this wasn't some distant relative in Germany or something. In short, things are different now.

Because my grandpa passed away my parents are now making plans to move out and over to his house near Paulsbo, which forces my hand into moving out as well, which is good, but then my mom keeps on trying to convince me to move over there with them. Ok, it was one thing to keep me around to help take care of my grandpa, and simultaneously allow me to finish college, but moving over to Paulsbo??? Yeah right! She talked to this psychic lady she gets readings from every 6 months or so, and she said I would do better in life if I moved over there, and I would find a job and a new love, etc... but it's fucking Paulsbo!! Answer: no. Which brings me back to the problem of needing to find a place to live, most likely with my friend Aaron and his fiance Jess, and maybe another one of our friends as well. BUT I'll probably be moving out before they can afford to. So who knows how this will all pan out.

Then there's the whole job front... I'll probably stop taking care of Robert here pretty soon, as his mom finally found another care taker, and I need to get away from the tavern. I'm in a new treatment center for my DUI now, so it'll be 6 months of sobriety starting today... not exactly a good thing to be working at a tavern right now, eh? But then I think I have a new job working downtown in the whole office remodeling area of work, making like $15-20/hr, so life will get a little better... especially since I'll now be able to work full time as well. Related to all this, I'll also get my license reinstated in two weeks, as my 90 days is almost up from the DUI. And on that topic: don't drink and drive. Yeah, the prospect of injuring yourself or someone else should be enough reason to not drink and drive, but the cost of dealing with the damn thing is truly painful... it makes a $30 cab ride not look so bad afterall. Hmmmmm, $8 cab ride to my house from the bar, or potentially pay $6,000 to the courts, a lawyer, and a treatment program...? Really hard choice. Really hard. Oh yeah, and I'm seriously one of the best drunken drivers out there, driving a straight line when blacked out drunk... ask my friends who remember those nights, as they never worried about me behind the wheel... why do I say this? Cuz I never thought I would get pulled over. Illegal lane change (on purpose), no cars on the road, 2am, but now there are flashing lights behind me. Oops. I guess that's life, and I've certainly learned my lesson. If you're reading this, trust me, it's not worth taking the chance... eventually you will get caught. Even if you're the "best" drunken driver out there. Seriously, I have three completely seperate groups of friends that all agreed I was the designated drunken driver, all the time. Even in Maine, in the snow and ice... I was that guy. Hey, I always got people home safe, and never got near crashing a car, or getting pulled over. Confidence is a bitch though... you never know when your tail-light will go out or something, and you'll get caught. Enough ranting, I think you get the point.

God I don't want to have to deal with moving right now... I have to pack almost all of my shit up into boxes so some people can come in here and "stage" rooms to make it easier to sell the house, and get more for it. WHY??? Yeah, I know why, but it's a pain in the arse. Anyway, off to D.C. next weekend to see my special woman... it's been waaaay too long! And now that I have a nice thought in my head I'll end this and go to bed... night!


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